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Lanier GS3 ServerLess  
Direct Document Distribution System

GlobalScan Serverless provides network scanning and document distribution using Ricoh Multifunctional systems without the need for a dedicated server. It enables users to send any scanned document through email or to a network folder. With GlobalScan Serverless, you can send hardcopy documents across the enterprise or all over the world.

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About GlobalScan™ Serverless

  • GlobalScan™ Serverless delivers secure network scanning and routing using Multifunctional Products
  • Robust, scalable and user-friendly system of electronic document distribution
Major Applications
  • Reduce or eliminate overnight delivery, faxing, storage and document handling costs
  • Reduce or eliminate fax line, and fax costs
  • Reduce storage and document handling cost
  • Conversion of paper documents into digital files saves personnel labor time and charges for manual filing and retrieval
  • Reduces and/or eliminates cost of courier services - documents are delivered in minutes vs. 1 to 2 days
  • Saves expense of physical file cabinets and floor space allocation costs
  • Eliminates cost of dedicated scanners
  • Serverless configuration eliminates the cost of a dedicated server and IT Resources
Using GlobalScan™ Serverless
  • One touch of a button distributes to multiple locations across the country or around the world (See Screne Shots)
  • Scan-to-Email and Scan-to-Folder capability for rapid distribution of scanned documents
  • Unlimited E-mail addresses can be accessed from the company's Global Address Book (displayed at MFP Operation Panel)
  • Accepts entry of any valid Internet E-mail address from the MFP operation panel
  • Scan directly to one or more folders residing in the Windows or Novell network share drive
  • Variety of standard file formats (single Page TIFF, Multipage TIFF, PDF Image, JPG)
  • Automatically scan to user's Home Network Folder
Implementing this Solution
  • Configure any number of MFPs with the configuration utility from any authorized PC
  • Changes made to your email server are reflected instantly at the MFP
  • Multiple Network Log-in Authentication
  • 128 bit encrypted transmission of scanned documents using HTTPS
  • Ability to easily manage enabled MFPs with the configuration utility
  • GlobalScan Serverless utilizes an Open Architecture
Complementary Products
  • GlobalScan Serverless users can transition seamlessly to GlobalScan Server for more advanced features such as OCR, plug-ins for ECMS, Facsimile server support and much more


Multifunctional (MFP) Requirements

Hardware Network Interface Board, Local Hard Drive, TCP/IP Network Access
Type, Speed & RAM B+W, 22 - 45 cpm, 96 MB*, B+W, 50 - 105 cpm, 256 MB, Color/B+W, 8 - 45 cpm, 256 MB
* 96 MB is minimal requirement, 192 MB or above

Authentication Protocols
Standard LDAP/LDAPS (Active Directory only), NTLM/NTLMv2, Kerberos, None, Drop down list to support multiple domains (support up to 20 domains), Simplified login flow

File Formats Supported
Standard Single Page TIFF, Multipage TIFF, PDF Image

Scan to Networked Folder
Standard Scan to home folder and/or its sub-folders via SMB for LDAP & NT authentication; Scan to home folder and/or its sub-folders using Kerberos token for Kerberos authentication; Retrieve user's home folder through LDAP/LDAPS; Retrieve user's home folder using Optional Kerberos token in case of Kerberos authentication; File size limit checking; Support sub-folder browse;

Scan to Fax via SMTP
Standard Manually enter fax number with domain automatically appended