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Quality Reprographics presents a new era of communication. Use these fast, efficient document communications systems to distribute information across your enterprise in seconds. Our fax solutions offer digital and analog capabilities, plus dual lines, simultaneous send/receive and a long list of convenient, time- and cost-saving features.


  • 15 ppm Print Speed 1.3 Quick Scan Speed
  • 70-sheet Automatic Document Feeder
  • 600 x 600 dpi image quality for all digital copies
Lanier Fax LF412
Large workgroups perform hundreds-if not thousands-of individual document management tasks every day. To maintain high productivity in these demanding, fast-paced environments, you need easy-to-use systems that deliver exceptional efficiency and productivity. Like the Lanier LF412, which provides quick fax transmission speed and convenience copying for stand-alone applications.

Features, Specifications , Accessories

·  Print speed of 15 ppm
·  Quick scan speed of 1.3 sec/page (Based on ITU Test Chart #1)
·  High-resolution scanning for multi-page documents with the 70-sheet automatic document feeder
·  Optional printing capability with either PCL5e/6 and PostScript2 (Emulation) compatibility
·  Standard Super G3 modem with JBIG compression; optional second G3 Modem doubles thoughput and productivity
·  1,280 pages of fax memory expandable to 2,200 pages
·  10 programmable user function keys for one-touch operation
·  Duplex Fax Reception cuts paper cost and the Fax Duplex Scan feature saves valuable time
·  Standard 250-sheet paper capacity expands to 1,350 sheets
  ·  600 x 600 dpi image quality for all digital copies, incoming fax documents and printed pages


Type     - Desktop Facsimile
ITU-T Compatibility     - Group 3 (V.34);ECM
Paper Capacity (Standard)     - 250 sheet letter-sized paper tray
Paper Capacity (Optional)     - 500-Sheet (Letter / Legal) x 2 Paper Feed Units
Paper Capacity/Sources     - 1,350 sheets/4
Multi-Copy Capacity     - Up to 99 (with duplexing)
LCD Display Size     - 2 lines (22 characters each line)
Power Consumption     - Max: Less than 1000W Min: Less than 2W
Power Requirements     - 120V, 60Hz
Environment     - 59 to 77º F, 30 to 70% RH
Dimensions (W x D x H)     - 17.6" x 21.7" x 16.2"
Weight     - 50.7 lbs.
Modem Speed     - 33.6 kbps with auto fallback
Consumable Yields     - Toner Cartridge: 5,000 pages
Photoconductor Unit     - 45,000 pages
Optional PFU     - 17.0" x 16.1" x 5.5"(WxDxH); weight 10.6 lbs.
Transmit Speed (Max.)     - 2 seconds per page
Data Compression     - MH/MR/MMR/JBIG
Scan Speed (Standard Resolution)     - 1.3 seconds per page
Dual Access     - Standard
Document Memory (Standard)     - 16 MB (1,280 pages)
Document Memory (Optional)     - 40MB (2,200 pages)
Recording Method     - Laser
Auto Dialer     - 90 Quick Dials; 200 Speed Dials; 9 Groups
User Function Key     - 10(dedicated keys)
Document Memory Backup     - 12 hours with Standard Memory; infinite with 40MB Memory Card
Automatic Document Feeder Capacity     - 70 sheets
Document Width/Scan Width/Length (Max.)     - 8.6"/8.48"/47.2"
Scan Resolution     - Standard: 200 x 100 dpi Detail: 200 x 200 dpi Super Fine: 400 x 400 dpi Extra Super Fine: 600 x 600 dpi (Requires 40MB card)
Halftone     - 64 levels with ARGONA
Print Speed (Max.)     - 15 pages per minute
Print Resolution (Max)     - 600 dpi (fax and printer)
Resolution Enhancement     - Super Smoothing HQ
Recording Width/Paper Size (Max.)     - 8.26"/8.5" x 14"


32/64/128 MB Printer Memory Type B     Service installable. Only one memory module, (32, 64, or 128 MB), can be installed at one time
40MB Memory Card (Feature Expander)Type 411     User/Service installable. Expands memory to 40MB and is non-volatile. Once installed total memory capacity is 2,200 pages.
500-Sheet Paper Feed Unit Type PS480     User/Service installable. Only two units can be installed per mainframe.
G3 Interface Unit (2nd 33.6 Kbps Line) Type 410     Service installable. For adding 2nd G3 line to this system
NIC Fax Unit Type 410     Service installable. Adds network capabilities (Color Scan to Email, Internet Fax, LAN Faxing, IPFaxing Scan and Convenience printing. Reference FAX4430NF for Network Fax details.)
PostScript 2 Interface Unit Type 1018     Service installable. Used to add PostScript 2 capability to the Printer Controller.
100-Sheet Bypass Feeder Type 300     Service installable.
Cabinet Stand     User/Service installable. Recommended to set the unit on when 1 or more PFUs are installed. Provides proper height for users, makes unit easy to move, and provides storage for paper and other supplies.
Print Controller     Service installable.
Telephone Handset Type 1018     User/Service installable. Allows use of fax line for voice communication when needed.